He wants help training for free diving - where divers without tanks go deep in the water, holding their breath for minutes at a time - and has come to Natalia for help, hearing she's unorthodox but effective. She tells him to lie on his back, and then comes out - topless and wearing a thong, asking "Does THIS take your breath away?" Surely it does, and it's about to go from better to best: She plants her beautiful crotch and ass right ON his face, treating him to some of the sexiest smothering you'll ever see! Natalia takes him deep in her crotch and butt, her beautiful, silky asscheeks covering his entire face, her meaty inner thighs spreading in a muscular wave across his cheeks, all designed to teach him to hold his breath a long, long, LONG time! In the end, she and her bodacious lower body get him to hold his breath for a full minute, earning him a certificate - and eager to come back for more Free Diver SMother Training!!!