In GORGEOUS Lindsey Leigh's first FacesittingVixens video she is furious that her boyfriend callously tossed out the throw pillow her grandmother made for her.  So she callously makes him sit on the floor and offer his face as her new throw pillow!

She starts out by working him over on the couch then tosses him to the floor where she continues using her sexy but dominating derrière!

After using him as her floor rug she finally throws him up on the bed where her TRUE butt-brutality shines through! Watch as she grinds her ass in his face over and over again including grabbing him by the hair and pulling his face as far as it can go telling him..."Now I'm going to smother you with my pussy!".

Butt it doesn't stop there as she begins to POUND her ass in his face as if trying to completely flatten it with her butt!  And finally Lindsey starts butt-hopping up and down with her full weight on his face right before throwing her new throw pillow out for good!